• The Kata In Karate

    Kata- The Forms and Movements Kata is a Japanese word, which refers to the detailed movements. The choreographed patterns and techniques of different art forms are known as Kata. It can be practiced either alone or in a group. It is not only used in Japanese arts, but is also used in other non-Japanese arts. […]

    The Kata In Karate
  • Various Forms Of Karate

    Differences Between The Most Popular Karate Styles Karate is the Asian form of martial art. It was developed in Okinawa (Japan) in the early twentieth century. Karate basically involves hand strikes, including knee and elbow strikes, kicking, punching, and open hand strikes like knife hands (karate chop). With time, several Karate styles came into existence, […]

    Various Forms Of Karate
  • Welcome

    Welcome to WilsonKarate, your one stop site to learn the fundamentals of Karate. My name is Frank Wilson and I am a 1st degree black-belt in Shorin Ryu Karate.  After closing down my school in 2002 due to financial reasons I took a very long break from teaching and instructing.  That is until late one […]